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Look up Japanese word meanings simply by copying the word to the clipboard!

Popup Japanese Dictionary

Shows Japanese word definitions in a popup

Looking up words is no longer a chore!

Popup Japanese Dictionary is a Japanese dictionary for Windows

Rikai for Windows

Look up words easily simply by copying a word to the clipboard. The meaning(s) of the word will appear in a floating popup dictionary window, so that you can look up words without leaving your current screen! For those familiar with the Rikaikun, Rikaichan or Rikaisama Japanese dictionary browser extensions, Popup Japanese Dictionary is like Rikai for Windows.

Remembers lookup history

Lookup history can be saved, so you can review the words that you have learnt! Increase your Japanese vocabulary by looking up new words and regularly reviewing them in your lookup history. By fitting smoothly into the flow of reading, Popup Japanese Dictionary enables language learners to acquire new vocabulary useful to Japanese language mastery or JLPT preparation. It will be a helpful companion to your Japanese language studies.

Works Offline

Popup Japanese Dictionary makes dictionary lookups so painless and quick that you'd want to look up unfamiliar words all the time! Popup Japanese Dictionary does not require online connectivity to look up dictionary definitions. Look up Japanese words at any time without requiring Internet access!

Popup Japanese Dictionary Android App

Install it on your Android phone for free

Popup Japanese Dictionary is also available on Android as a free Android app. Download it here, from the Google Play Store.

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